CyPhERS - Cyber-Physical European Roadmap and Strategy

Final document released
CyPhERS has produced the final document on the project results

D6.1+2 - Integrated CPS Research Agenda and Recommendations for Action

The CyPhERS ("Cyber-Physical European Roadmap and Strategy") project aims at combining and expanding Europe's competence in embedded and mobile computing and in control of networked embedded systems. The main objective of the project is to develop a European strategic research and innovation agenda for cyber-physical systems (CPS) to ensure Europe's competitiveness in this emerging field.

The project will systematically survey, analyse, and evaluate the economic, technical, scientific, and societal significance of Cyber-Physical Systems for Europe by

  • providing a systematic classification of the CPS domain;
  • modelling of the markets and their players relevant for CPS;
  • developing a structured analysis and assessment of core technologies and the current state in science and technology related to CPS;
  • analysing the future technological, economic and social implications of CPS, and
  • assessing challenges, bottlenecks and risks for research and development in CPS.

Along with the integrated strategic CPS research agenda CyPhERS will derive comprehensive recommendations for action that will address

  • the identification and prioritization of research areas,
  • support measures for both horizontal and vertical cooperation,
  • research funding policies, and
  • training and standardization.

CyPhERS is a 20-month Support Action co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. Members of the CyPhERS consortium are

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