CyPhERS 1st Experts Workshop

1st European Experts' Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems

A two-day event targeted at industrial and research strategists and
key representatives in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems

Munich, October 14–15, 2013
— Participation by invitation only —

The 1st European Experts' Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems will bring together top-level researchers and strategists from leading companies in order to reach a common understanding of the realm with the ultimate goal of bringing forward a research strategy for Cyber-Physical Systems, including

  • eliciting the state of the art,
  • the aggregation of visions,
  • the prediction of possible and desirable evolution in the short, medium and long run.

Chief outcome of the workshop will be the identification of the grand challenges posed by Cyber-Physical Systems, with their associated cause and impact. Distinguished speakers, both from academy and industry, will present their CPS-related, pioneering efforts: global players as well as the European mid-term goals and two national CPS agendas; see schedule.

The workshop participants will be given an excellent opportunity to provide their suggestions and recommendations with respect to European efforts on Cyber-Physical Systems, including the corresponding chapter of the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Program. The workshop will provide a fruitful venue for exchanging ideas, and learning from other experts arriving from all corners of the continent as well as from manifold domains associated with the emerging Cyber-Physical Systems.

This event has already taken place.